St. Stephen’s is a school of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas with a mission that involves educating students in spirit, as well as in body and mind. Theology courses give students a better understanding of religious thought and behavior and of related topics, including art, anthropology, architecture, history, literature, theater and philosophy. Courses have two directions of focus: outward, as we insist on closer observation of the world around us; and inward, as through reflective thought, writing and activity students come to a greater knowledge of themselves.

Given the diverse background of St. Stephen’s students, theology teachers assume no shared religious background. Students bring to class relevant material in the forms of individual experiences, traditions, knowledge and opinions. Instructors assume that students have a capacity and desire to study, consider, and discuss the material and that students must be encouraged and taught how to think critically about this subject. Students are active participants in the learning process and, thus, the instructor is a partner, fellow explorer and knowledgeable guide.  

Educational methods in theology classes emphasize the reading and discussion of texts, oral and written expression, and abstract thinking.

Theology Department Chair

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  • Photo of Ed Thompson

    Ed Thompson 

    Middle School Chaplain and Theology Instructor
    Year Appointed: 2020
  • Photo of Jim Woodruff

    Jim Woodruff 

    Theology Instructor
    Year Appointed: 1990
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