Classical Languages

St. Stephen’s offers middle school and high school Latin from grades 6 through 12, enabling students to study the language for seven years before graduation. The curriculum is varied and enriched enough to offer different experiences to students at each level. In addition, the Junior Classical League chapters in the Middle School and Upper School provide students with the opportunity to celebrate their love of the classics and to compete with other students across the region, state and country.

Classics instructors strive to stimulate their students intellectually and help them gain a new perspective on their world. Department staff adheres to the established Standards for Classical Language Learning, which emphasize communication, cultural understanding, interpersonal connections, comparisons between ancient and modern civilizations, and the invaluable legacy of language.

The primary focus for classics classes is on the student voice. Students read and discuss texts, engage in debates and contrast varying points-of-view, examine simulations of ancient civilizations, write in the target language, and grapple with a series of challenging questions about antiquity and its legacy. Considerable emphasis also is placed on instructor feedback and interaction with students. In addition, students are encouraged to form small study groups.
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