Modern Languages

The study of modern world languages is an integral part of the educational program at St. Stephen’s. Department instructors believe that language study is a journey of discovery: To learn another language is to discover another social and communicative reality from “the inside,” on its own terms. Students begin to think and to express themselves in new ways and to understand the linguistic and cultural reality of other people, literally in their own words.

St. Stephen’s world languages teachers, both native and non-native speakers of Spanish, French and Chinese, are personally involved in the journey of linguistic discovery and bring their knowledge, experience and perspective to bear on the work they do each day with students.

The instructional process seeks both to deepen students’ understanding of the structure and components of the language and at the same time to improve their comprehension and expression both in the written and spoken modes. Classes include a variety of different types of learning activities. The content of our academic program reinforces international awareness on many levels, as all language courses include cultural and literary components. In the upper level courses, instructors delve further into historical and cultural topics, which include literature and its analysis, in addition to grammar and conversation. In addition, a variety of international travel experiences are available to students for an immersive language experience.

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