Admission On The Road

Throughout the year St. Stephen's admission officers travel around the country and the world to meet with prospective students and parents in their hometowns.

While we're in your area, we host receptions, attend school fairs, and reach out to schools and educational consultants. We also schedule meetings with students and parents when possible. For more information or to make an appointment to meet with us, please contact the Admission Office at

We hope to get to know you during one of the events listed below, and look forward to showing you how we can provide you with a world-class college-prep education.

Admission Travel by Location

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  • Texas

    Houston     Sept. 18-20,2023
    Galveston   Sept. 20, 2023
    Laredo     Sept. 27-28,2023
    Victoria     Sept. 28,2023
    San Antonio     Oct. 5-6,2023
    McAllen       Oct. 12-13,2023 
    Houston     Oct. 13,2023
    Dallas     Oct. 30, 2023
    Longview     Oct. 31-Nov.1,2023
    El Paso     Nov. 2,2023
    Amarillo   Nov. 7, 2023 
    Houston    Dec. 5-7,2023
  • United States

    Atlanta, Georgia     Sept. 9,2023
    Las Vegas, Nevada     Sept. 13-15,2023
    Tucson & Phoenix, Arizona     Sept. 12-15,2023
    New York City    Sept. 19,2023
    Miami, West Palm Beach & Bonita Springs, Florida     Sept. 19-22,2023
    Boulder, Denver & Aspen     Sept. 20-23,2023
    Atlanta, Georgia     Sept. 23,2023
    New York City & New England     Sept. 28-Oct. 6,2023
    Chicago area      Oct. 3-5,2023
    Washington, D.C.     Oct. 15,2023
    Orange County & Burbank, California     Oct. 17-20,2023
    Shreveport, Louisiana     Oct. 30, 2023
    St. Louis, Missouri     Nov. 3-4,2023
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma   Nov. 8,2023
    Boston, Mass.     Nov. 15-17,2023
  • International

    London, England: Oct. 6-8,2023
    Saudi Arabia: Oct. 30-Nov. 3, 2023
    Berlin, Germany: Nov. 1-3, 2023
    Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore & South Korea: Nov. 4-16, 2023
    Cayman Island, Jamaica & Bahamas: Nov. 14 - 20 
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