Rigorous Academic Program

The foundation of the St. Stephen's experience is the school's rigorous academic program. Long acknowledged as one of the region's pre-eminent college-preparatory schools, St. Stephen's has emerged as a national leader in preparatory education, and its graduates consistently go on to study at the country’s most prestigious colleges and universities.

The St. Stephen's academic program is designed for able, motivated young people who plan to attend college. Much is asked of these young people in terms of time, dedication, and effort while at St. Stephen's. In return, they receive a world-class education from teachers who are deeply committed not only to teaching but also to the success and well-being of their students. Small class sizes and personal interaction with faculty, both in and out of the classroom, ensure that every student can develop his or her potential to the fullest.

Daily academics . . . no, I cannot call them that. I feel the word 'daily' may sound a bit monotonous, and classes are far from it. Each day is new. One of the best things about this school is that teachers are encouraged to try out new teaching methods. Since many of our educators live on campus, they can more easily coordinate their lessons. When the art teacher wants to work on sculpting, she uses a theme from our English teacher on a current book we are reading. As we see the art come to life, so does the book. –Student '06

Student Profile
An Infectious Enthusiasm for Science
“Hands down, my favorite subject is science,” said senior day student Natalie Vaz. “I have a great passion for the outdoors so this particular area of study is the way that I bridge my extracurricular interests with school. I love learning about the earth and its inhabitants so I can be better informed of my surroundings.”
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The Spartan Writing Lab

At the Online Writing Lab, students will find handouts on literary analysis, essays, grammar, research, as well as links to outside sources and screencast videos by their very own English teachers. Click here to see these English Department resources to supplement students' teacher conferences and their individual study.