Private Lessons

Private lessons gives our students a one-to-one experience that can help them get a great start on a new instrument and give them extra support in their fine arts studies. Private lessons may also help students prepare for college auditions or competitions. Students with an interest in more than one discipline may take multiple lessons.  

Students can take individual lessons in dance, guitar, piano, voice, strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion - from beginning to advanced levels. Instructors are experienced artist and teachers, most with advanced degrees in their fields and also enjoy professional careers. Lessons are scheduled one period per rotation in the academic day for 45 minutes. Student musicians, dancers, and others perform throughout the year, including concerts and recitals, chapel offerings, master classes, and workshops.

Upper School students may earn one half a Fine Arts credit for each successful year completed.  Middle School students take lessons for enrichment. 
Private lessons build support and enhance students' artistic lives. The extra opportunities to work closely with teachers build their confidence to explore their own abilities and instructors challenge them to build mastery through practice and grit. 
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