Board of Trustees

The St. Stephen’s Episcopal School Board of Trustees has the ultimate responsibility for the institution. School heads and trustees come and go; only the Board is permanent. The Board is responsible for upholding the integrity of the school, the standing and reputation built by its founders and by those who have labored over the years. The Board holds in trust the school’s future as well as its present; the Board’s collective judgment will affect how St. Stephen’s can serve constituencies to come. Effective trusteeship is both deeply challenging and deeply rewarding.

St. Stephen’s ethos is its mission and its characteristic spirit. This combination is what guides the Board as it plans educationally and financially, makes policies, and assesses the school’s performance. It is also true that the school is always in flux; it cannot rest. It must adapt to the changing world, and the Board should anticipate the changes, using them as opportunities to enhance the school. The working relationship between the Board, especially the Board president, and the head of the school is a partnership of trust and mutual endeavor. Legally, the Board is responsible for the school and selects and evaluates the head as the educational leader and administrator of the school.

Board Members

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  • Rt. Rev. Kai Ryan

    The Rt. Rev. Kathryn "Kai" Ryan

    Bishop Suffragan, Diocese of Texas, Ex Officio
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  • Jennifer Stayton '85

    Jennifer Stayton '85

    Executive Chair
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  • Chris Oddo

    Christopher J. (Chris) Oddo

    Vice Chair
    P ’25, ’24
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  • Elizabeth (Beth) Collum Ozmun

    Elizabeth (Beth) Ozmun

    Chancellor, Ex Officio
    P ’09
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  • Julie Buckthal Person '71

    Julie Buckthal Person '71

    Governance Chair 
    P ’01, ’99
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  • Rosa Lockett McCormick '93

    Rosa Lockett McCormick '93

    Treasurer, Finance Chair, Audit Chair, Retirement Chair
    P ’28, ’25
  • Deborah Gonzalez

    Deborah (Debbie) Gonzalez

    Advancement Chair
    P ’24, ’21, ’20
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  • David Middleton

    David Middleton

    Campus Chair
    P ’28, ’25 ’24
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  • The Rev. Brin Bon

    The Rev. Brin Bon

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  • Kevin Brown

    P ’25
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  • Gwen Chance

  • Greg Clay

     P ’26,’23
  • David Gonzalez

    David M. Gonzalez

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  • Chris Gunnin Head of School

    Chris Gunnin

    Head of School, Ex Officio
    P ’30, ’24, ’22
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  • The Rev. Madeline Shelton Hawley

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  • Jordan Jaffe '02

    Jordan Jaffe '02

    P ’30
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  • Mike Kadyan

    Mike Kadyan

    P ’25, ’24, ’22
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  • Renee Lafair

    Renee Lafair

    P ’19, ’14, ’14
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  • Katherine Leigh

    Katherine Leigh

    Parents' Association President, Ex Officio
    P ’28, ’26
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  • Shannon Powers '96

    Spartan Alumni Association President, Ex Officio
  • The Rev. Al Rodriguez

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  • Evan Smith

    Evan Smith

    P ’19, ’15
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  • Yasmine Smith '12

    Yasmine Smith '12

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  • Martin Taylor

    Martin Taylor

    P ’22, ’19, ’19
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  • Angela Hall Watkins

    P ’18
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  • Temple Webber, III

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  • Dr. Leslie Wells

    Dr. Leslie Wells

    P ’26, ’22
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  • Michael Ybarra '98

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