Performing Arts

Theatre and Dance

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  • Acting

    The course develops the essential skills of acting from character development to text analysis and performance. 

    Emphasis is placed on taking creative risks and finding truth in performance. Techniques for approaching the craft of acting are explored through exercises, selected readings and quizzes, group discussions, scene study, and self-assessments. Students also examine the role of the actor in society by learning about various world performance traditions. 
  • Advanced Theatre

    This course is a two-year rotating curriculum that engages students in the theory and application of acting techniques, the history of theatre, and study in a variety of special topics (e.g. musical theatre, directing, Shakespeare, etc.) relevant to young theatre artists. Each year, students either develop a major theatre project of interest or rehearse and perform a short play to apply their learning to pre-professional practice.
  • Musical Theatre

    Students learn about the American musical form by studying its history and gaining “hands-on” experience. Students perform musical numbers and scenes from some of the most popular works in musical theatre history in a recital at the end of the second and third trimesters. Dance for musical theatre is included in the course work.
  • Technical Theatre

    This course trains students in the creative and practical elements of the technical side of theatre production, with an emphasis on safe and efficient use of equipment. Students develop an understanding of the functions of stagecraft and stagecraft artists through hands-on application of skills in designing and building scenery, lighting, and costumes.
  • Theatrical Improvisation

    An introduction to improvisation, this course will focus on the foundational elements of building trust, taking risks, developing full characters, creating relationships, establishing truthful settings and having fun.  Students will gain experience with short-form and long-form improvisation with emphasis on process rather than product.  The class will culminate with a public performance.  
  • Choreography

    This class provides an opportunity for students who have attained a certain level of technical proficiency to create their own performance pieces. The students in the class perform these works in the final spring performance. Students must attend 3 technique sessions per week. Prerequisite: permission of the Department. Half credit.
  • Dance

    Dance may fulfill sports or P.E. requirements as an after school activity.  Students receive training in classical ballet, modern, jazz, and rhythm tap. Dancers work with St. Stephen's faculty and guest artists throughout the year.


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  • Choir

    St. Stephen's Choir has extensive training on sight-singing, ear training, and rhythm skills. Activities include participation in seasonal concerts/chapel services, school assemblies, social events, and various performances. Occasionally, after-school rehearsals are required in preparation for combined Middle School, Upper School, and Madrigals concerts. The rehearsals and performances are a core part of the curriculum.
  • Guitar

    Open to all student who play guitar, this ensemble gives students the opportunity to strengthen their music reading and listening skills in a small group setting. Specially written or arranged music provides all players parts that help them develop their overall musicianship.
  • Jazz Band

    Open to students who play brass or woodwind instruments, drums, guitar, bass, and keyboard, the jazz band performs for special events throughout the year, including the ISAS Fine Arts Festival.
  • Orchestra

    Open to all students who play string or wind instruments or piano, this ensemble performs the standard literature for string orchestra and full orchestra. In addition, smaller groups may perform the standard duet, trio, and quartet literature. This ensemble performs for special events throughout the year, including ISAS Fine Arts Festival. 
  • Percussion

    This ensemble performs for school events throughout the year, working primarily on original drum line material.


The St. Stephen's Episcopal School Madrigal Singers is a select chamber group of 15-20 Upper School students. They perform a variety of repertoire including: Baroque, Classical, Broadway, Jazz/Pop and World Cultural music. The Madrigals perform a variety of annual concerts including December's Lessons and Carols services, seasonal concerts, arts festivals, Modern Voices pop show and Baccalaureate ceremonies.

In the past several years the Madrigals have toured extensively around the world performing in famous chapels and cathedrals in the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Canada, China, The Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Ireland, and various U.S. cities. 

Auditions for the Madrigals are held in May preceding each new school year. Contact Kendra Lipman to schedule an audition time.
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