St. Stephen's exposes students to the fundamentals of a classic liberal-arts education, incorporating English, History, Math, Science, Classical  and Modern  languages, Theology, and a number of elective options, including Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Computer Science, and much more.

It is the goal in every St. Stephen’s class to produce not only knowledgeable graduates but thoughtful and engaged human beings. The fundamentals of a subject are only the raw material for the development of each student's powers of observation and their ability to think clearly and analytically about the world.

These skills are relevant to every field — whether it be chemistry, engineering, poetry or history. In emphasizing the life skills of disciplined thought and sustained effort toward a complex goal, St. Stephen's prepares its students well for the challenges of college-level classes and beyond.

Multicultural Connections

Across the curriculum faculty incorporate lessons, discussions and projects relating to the exploration of various cultural heritages. Our multidisciplinary approach integrates the study of diverse groups into the academic programs and students gain a perspective that encourages appreciation and understanding of other cultures as well as their own. Preparing students to be global citizens requires a comprehensive and intentional effort to explore racial and cultural groups.

Examples of teaching with a multicultural perspective include: English – study of literature from various cultures; history – studies of government, religion, economy, the art, the environment, social justice rights, and cultures across the globe and throughout time; performing arts – units on ethnic plays and playwrights and study of world performance traditions; visual arts – study and creation of art from other parts of the world; languages – in addition to learning to speak languages, emphasis is placed on the cultural and historical traditions in their chosen course of study. Our world requires educated individuals to be culturally competent and sensitive to various points of view.
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