International Program

St. Stephen's Episcopal School celebrates the diverse cultures, traditions and perspectives that international students bring to our inclusive global community. Our 694 students in grades 6-12 come from 25 Texas cities, 10 states and 19 countries. Approximately 30 percent of our domestic students are people of color, and 19 percent of our students come from outside the United States.

Our eight-person International Program team is housed in the International Program Office on the top floor of the student center. International Program staff members are committed to supporting our international students in all areas of school life, including academics, athletics and the arts, as well as health and wellness. We provide a range of services and resources to ensure that international students thrive at St. Stephen’s and are mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to achieve their goals when they graduate.

Commitment to Multiculturalism

Across the Middle School and Upper School curricula, St. Stephen’s faculty incorporate lessons, discussions and projects that explore a variety of cultural heritages. This commitment to providing a multicultural education prepares our students to live meaningful lives and enrich the world as inclusive global citizens.

Examples of teaching with a multicultural perspective include:

  • English: Studies of literature from various cultures.
  • History: Studies of government, religion, economy, art, social justice rights and cultures across the globe and throughout time.
  • Performing arts: Units on ethnic plays and playwrights and study of world performance traditions.
  • Visual arts: Study and creation of art from other parts of the world.
  • Non-doctrinal theology course: Students explore the nature of religious experience, patterns in religious thought and behavior, moral theology and ethics. Texts include Mircea Eliade’s The Sacred and The Profane; Paul Tillich’s Dynamics of Faith; and primary sources from a variety of world religions, including the Tao Te Ching, the Bhagavad Gita, and Jewish and Christian scriptures.
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