Health Center

The Health Center desires for each student with a health concern to seek assistance and establish a relationship of trust with the appropriate health professional. Students are encouraged to be candid about their health history and risk behaviors. The nurses and school physician have the individual student’s health as their primary concern. It is crucial that students and parents report accurate health histories to insure proper treatment. Medical care for student injuries, illnesses and preventive health services are provided by a staff of RN’s and a clinical nurse specialist at St. Stephen’s Health Center, under the direction of Dr. Kerry Rhodes, school physician. The nurses will consult with Dr. Rhodes frequently and, when deemed necessary, send the student to Dr. Rhodes office for medical examination. The nurses also work with the school’s athletic trainers who care for all student-athlete injuries and illnesses under the guidance of orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Doug Elenz of Austin Sports Medicine. Parents will be notified when there are any unusual health concerns.

Services of these specialists are provided on a “fee for service” basis. All routine medical and dental appointments should be arranged prior to the opening of school, on free weekends, or during vacations. If students arrange to see another doctor off campus at the parents’ request, the health center can arrange for transportation. All costs for this service, however, including transportation, must be borne by the parent.

Hours of Operation

Monday–Sunday 7:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m.

Direct Line
(512) 327-1166
Fax: (512) 306-8720

24/7 Urgent
(512) 801-7614

Contact the Health Center

Direct Line: (512) 327-1166
Urgent: (512) 801-7614
Fax: (512) 306-8720

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  • Photo of Gretchen Inman

    Gretchen Inman 

    Director of Health Services
    The University of Texas at Austin - M.S.N.
    The University of Delaware - B.A.
    Board Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist-Adult Health
    Licensed Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
  • Photo of Allison Dudley

    Allison Dudley 

    Registered Nurse
    Austin Community College - A.D.N.
  • Photo of Jill Garrett

    Jill Garrett 

    Anderson University - B.S.
  • Photo of Sheila Klein

    Sheila Klein 

    Registered Nurse
    Southern College's School of Nursing - A.S.N.
  • Photo of Colleen Oheren

    Colleen Oheren 

    Registered Nurse
    Texas Christian University - B.S.N.
  • Photo of Justo Ramirez

    Justo Ramirez 

  • Photo of Nick Schultz

    Nick Schultz 

    Registered Nurse
    St. Joseph's College - B.S.N.
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    Karen Smith 

Address: 6500 St. Stephen's Dr., Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 327-1213