Tennis Academy

The St. Stephen's Tennis Academy in Austin TX, offers a boarding program where aspiring college players can raise their game academically, as well as athletically.
Teamwork and individual achievement. Fun and hard work. Athletic accomplishment and academic excellence. Like mismatched doubles partners, these may sound like incompatible pairings. But at St. Stephen’s Tennis Academy they aren’t. In fact, helping young, motivated tennis players achieve all of these things and maintain them in a healthy balance is our mission. And our growing list of distinguished alumni proves that it has been very successful.

The St. Stephen’s Tennis Academy is a boarding school program that stresses rigorous college preparatory academics while providing individualized and team-based professional tennis training. Our program is designed to help student players live up to their maximum potential, both athletically and academically, while developing critical life skills and having positive experiences that will stay with them forever. Academy Director Carlos Di Laura says, “Our players leave here as young adults, ready for life and ready to excel in college, on court and in the classroom.”

For more information on the St. Stephen’s Tennis Academy contact:

Office of Admission (512) 327-1213 ext. 210 or

Carlos DiLaura, Director of the Tennis Academy (512) 327-1213 ext. 249 or

Why St. Stephen's Tennis Academy?

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  • Tennis Academy Alumni

    Since its inception, the St. Stephen's Tennis Academy has a long tradition of players attending schools with both excellent academics and strong tennis programs. 

    St. Stephen's alums have attended universities such as: Univeristy of Texas, Texas Christian University, Texas Tech University, Texas St. University, Trinity University, St. Edward's University, University of Texas-Pan American, University of Texas-Dallas, University of Texas-San Antonio, Yale University, Cornell University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, United States Air Force Academy, University of Mississippi, University of Alabama, University of Virginia, University of Notre Dame, University of Colorado, Brown University, Boston University, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, University of Tulsa, St. Louis University, Illinois St. University, University of California-Santa Barbara, George Washington University, Les Roches Hotel Management School, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Sewanee the University of the South, Claremont McKenna College, Whitman Colege, Harvey Mudd College, Rhodes College, Vasar College, Colorado College, Pitzer College, Whittier College, and the University of the Redlands.
  • College Counseling and Placement

    When it comes to finding the right college, students at the St. Stephen’s Tennis Academy get help on both the academic and athletic fronts. Like all students at St. Stephen’s, academy players are matched with an academic college counselor. College planning starts well before a student’s senior year. Our college counselors help students define their college goals, identify the colleges they’d like to apply to, and develop a plan that will position them for success.
    Today, college admissions are more competitive than ever. To get into their “reach” schools, students need help standing out from the pack. By distinguishing themselves in the classroom as well as on the court, students at the St. Stephen’s Academy give themselves a great opportunity to get noticed.
  • Tennis Training and Competition

    It All Happens Here
    For the typical high school tennis player, serious tennis training can take a lot of sacrifice. Once the school day is over, the tennis day is only beginning. Just the time spent getting to and from lessons and tournaments can take precious hours out of every week, hours that could be spent studying and having the kind of high school experiences that most kids take for granted. No wonder so many young players burn out before discovering their full potential, only to later wonder where tennis might have taken them.
    That’s the beauty of the boarding program at St. Stephen’s Tennis Academy. It all happens here. Young players can get advanced tennis training, a top-notch college preparatory education, and still have a high school experience full of fun, tradition and community.
  • Benefits of St. Stephen's Tennis Academy

    St. Stephen’s Tennis Academy is a “one-stop-shop” offering:

    •    A supportive environment where tennis players can live, train, study and have fun with others their age who share their passion for the game

    •    An expert, dedicated and caring coaching staff determined to make sure every academy member makes the most of his or her potential on the tennis court, in the classroom, and in the school community

    •    A rigorous academic program that by itself can help open doors to top choice colleges and the world beyond

    •    A professional-class 14-court facility (12 hard courts, 2 clay courts), with its own pro shop and clubhouse on our beautiful Hill Country campus in Austin, Texas

    •    A beautiful climate that keeps our players on the court year-round

    •    Life skills that can help young adults transition to college more easily than typical entering freshmen

    •    Individualized strength and conditioning training, as well as group and individualized sports psychology support

    •    Match and team tournament play that helps players gain more experience in competitive tennis without affecting their USTA ranking

    •    College admissions counseling that can help our players get into the schools at the top of their wish lists

    •    A home-like boarding school community where everyone belongs, where academy students can be accepted for who they are and become who they want to be

    St. Stephen’s Tennis Academy does not require on-court tryouts. Admission is open to any student tennis player who meets the academic entrance requirements of St. Stephen’s Episcopal School.

    Browse the Boarding  section to learn more about how the boarding program at St. Stephen’s Tennis Academy can help young tennis players advance on the court, in the classroom and in life. 
Address: 6500 St. Stephen's Dr., Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 327-1213