More Than Technology

Innovation in the classroom at St. Stephen’s takes many different forms.  Faculty are supported at the highest level from the administration to seek ways to innovate curriculum though yearly Innovation Grants.  These stipends encourage our faculty members to spend the summer in the design thinking process around infusing some part of their curriculum with technology and innovation.

Innovation Grants

In 2018 St. Stephen’s Episcopal School funded the following innovation grants:

  • The use of iPads and Apple Pencils in the art classroom to ignite learning and create a solution for how to bring 21st-century technology and new media arts curricula into the classroom and beyond.
  • Designing a problem-based Geometry curriculum to support a growth mindset. 
  • The development of three new courses: a 7th grade required robotics course that includes coding, electronics and robotics, an Upper School Science elective course in electronics and robotics, and an Upper School science elective course called Projects in Science and Technology.
  • A continuance of 8th grade interdisciplinary course work for Theology 8, English 8, and Cultures and Governance - specifically creating complementary assignments in separate courses, and creating joint assignments across courses.
  • The English Departments’ Postcolonial Novel Project for seniors will use a curated archive of original photographs and videos and technology to create a virtual world that captures important themes and character development in the novel A Star Called Henry. 
  • Reimagine the English grammar curriculum in a way that would not only have an increased and substantial impact on student writing, but would also allow students to have more access and opportunity for self-evaluation through using curriculum the school’s new learning management system (LMS), Schoology. 
  • Senior English class will use an online multimedia portfolio for their Novel Project this spring.
  • Improve and further integrate service learning and primary texts into the Spanish 7/8 course curriculum. Further enrich this class with better textual and audio-visual resources in Spanish. Improve relationship with Casa Marianella / Posada Esperanza to have a more meaningful and year-long service learning experience.
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