Spartans Celebrate Rich Cultural Heritage of Dias de los Muertos

A number of our students and faculty celebrated the rich cultural heritage of Dias de Los Muertos through a special video project for our school community. 

Dias de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, is a multi-day Mexican celebration marking All Saints' Day. Dating back to the 18th century, Dias de los Muertos is a time to honor and pray for friends and family members who have died. Because All Saints' Day is associated in the West with Halloween, the two celebrations are often conflated. However, while the Celtic tradition of Halloween was designed to ward off ghosts and spirits, Dias de los Muertos honors and welcomes the spirits of departed friends and family. 

To help our school community better understand the deep cultural significance of Dias de los Muertos, a number of students and faculty created an inspired and informative Dias de los Muertos video to teach us about its history and traditions. Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to create this great short film. Special thanks to Tania Gil and Andy Aceves for coordinating production!
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