Endowment FAQ

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • What is endowment?

    Endowment is an independent school’s savings account. Annual distributions from the endowment pay for the expenses not covered by tuition, Annual Giving or other income. Endowment provides additional permanent annual resources to maintain and improve the quality of education we provide our students. It also protects the school’s future financial well-being.

  • Why is endowment important?

    When the Rt. Rev. John Hines and the Rev. William Brewster founded St. Stephen’s, they established a school rooted in progressive principles — provide rigorous academics, build a diverse community, develop creative thinkers, support social justice, shape global leaders, promote equity within our community and beyond.
    Gifts to St. Stephen’s endowment help preserve these fundamental principles and sustain our school’s proud tradition of excellence. Endowment provides for the highest quality academic, arts and athletic instruction, financial assistance to qualified students, professional development for faculty and staff, and campus enhancements.
    Now is the time to ensure the school’s future.
  • What are the advantages of building St. Stephen's Endowment Fund?

    Endowment provides a reliable source of income in perpetuity since St. Stephen’s can count on annual distributions to help support the ongoing work of the school. A strong endowment also helps increase stability and prestige by reinforcing St. Stephen’s long-term stability and fiscal responsibility. Endowment helps relieve pressure from Annual Giving by providing annual support for the school’s operating budget.
  • How can I create an endowment at the school?

    You can create an endowment with a gift of $50,000 or more. Your gift may be named in honor of a person or persons in perpetuity.
  • How are endowment gifts acknowledged?

    All gifts to endowment are acknowledged in the school's Annual Report of Philanthropy. Named endowment gifts of $50,000 or more are listed in all subsequent reports.
    No endowment is named or published in St. Stephen's Annual Report until the entire gift amount has been received by the school.
  • How are endowments used?

    Most importantly, our endowment supports general operating expenses of the school. It is also possible to give endowment gifts in support of financial aid, our faculty and various school programs.
    Generous St. Stephen’s alumni, parents and friends have established endowed funds at the school. These funds support the people, programs and infrastructure that make possible an outstanding educational experience for our students. These funds are held in perpetuity, assuring the donors that their vision will continue to make a difference in the lives of motivated young people at St. Stephen’s for years to come.
  • How can I give to the endowment?

    You may give to the endowment several ways:

    • Click here to make an online gift.
    • Write a check to the endowment.
    • Make a bequest in your will or living trust.
    • Assign title to real estate to the endowment.
    • Name the endowment as a beneficiary of your life insurance.
    • Establish a charitable remainder trust or other plan with lifetime income.
    Click here to learn how to support the endowment through planned giving.

  • What may I give to the endowment fund?

    Gifts of all sizes are welcome. Examples of outright and planned gifts include:

    Outright GiftsPlanned (deferred) Gifts
    Publicly traded securitiesRevocable living and charitable trusts
    Closely held securitiesLife estate gifts
    Real estateLife insurance
    Other propertyGift annuities
  • What language do I use to leave a gift to St. Stephen's in my will?

    To leave a gift to St. Stephen's, simply include the following paragraph to your will:
    "I give, devise and bequeath to the permanently restricted St. Stephen's Episcopal School Endowment Fund (or Annual Giving, or current financial aid) of Austin, Texas, the sum of $________(or a percentage or a description of the specific asset), for the benefit of St. Stephen's Episcopal School and its general purposes."
  • Who are the best people to talk with about an endowment gift?

    April Speck-Ewer
    Director of Advancement 
    (512) 327-1213 ext. 118
Address: 6500 St. Stephen's Dr., Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 327-1213