Student Government

Community Responsibility

While the head of school has final responsibility and administrative authority, tradition and experience at St. Stephen’s show that the community is best served when its members share responsibility and authority. A student can participate in organizations such as the Discipline Committee, which was established by the constitution of the school government and includes three students and three faculty members. The committee focuses on upholding the order of the community outside the classroom. Students also can participate on the Fine Arts Council, which involves students committed to promoting the fine arts. Projects include fundraising for fine arts scholarships, sponsoring guest artists on campus, producing an annual arts festival, and leading field trips off campus.

Rules and Regulations

The Student Handbook outlines school regulations and policies. At the beginning of each year, students meet with school administrators to review the rules and then sign a document indicating that they have read the handbook and agree to abide by all rules set forth in the document.

The fundamental requirement is that members of the St. Stephen’s community respect the rights of individuals within the group. Lying, cheating and stealing are not tolerated, and specific rules prohibit use or possession of alcohol and illegal drugs. St. Stephen’s expects students to accept the rules that have been adopted as necessary for a responsible, civilized community. Students are expected to attend chapel services, classes, appointments, conferences, and meals on time.

Students are also expected to be punctual with their assignments. The school expects every student to be courteous and show propriety in all relationships. A student who does not understand or accept these standards of conduct, or who shows an unwillingness to live by them, is not permitted to remain at school.

Community Rights

To be a part of the St. Stephen’s community is to understand that everyone must accept some limitations on individual freedom. The rules by which the community lives are designed for the health and well-being of all members.
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