Summer Camps

Lore Adventures, Role Playing Game Camp

Session 1
June 17-21, 2024
Ages: 10-15
Cost: $600
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Daily Monday to Thursday 9:00am-3:30pm
Friday 9 a.m.-noon
Lunch provided

Welcome to Lore Adventures RPG Summer Camp!

Have you ever wanted to be the hero in a book like The Hobbit, Redwall, The Chronicles of Narnia, or Percy Jackson? Then Lore Adventures Summer RPG Camp is for you!
A Role-Playing Game (also known as an RPG) is the perfect way to immerse yourself in another world using your imagination! Campers will be introduced to RPGs and will create and control characters in a quest that will take place during the week. Campers will use their imaginations to explore a new world filled with mythical creatures both friendly and not-so-friendly!
RPGs will be introduced using 3 core activities:
  1. Making characters, exploring new realms, and completing a quest using their imaginations,
  2. Learning to have respectful fun by dueling using safe, foam weapons, and
  3. Being introduced to the excitement of painting miniature figures that can be used during RPGs to represent the camper’s character and the monsters that they meet during the adventure. They will get to bring home any miniatures that they paint!
Additional activities include:
  • Solving riddles
  • Creating stories about their character
  • Writing poems
  • Drawing pictures
  • Earning experience points to gain new skills
  • Playing sword games like “Capture the Dagger”
Lunch and snacks will be provided daily, as well as the possibility of time in the school pool (TBD). Parents are invited to come and duel with their kids using the foam weapons at noon on Friday.
Camp Instructor Russ Glenn, a member of the St. Stephen's faculty, has been playing RPGs since he was a kid and running Lore Adventures since 2012.

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For more information, please contact Russ Glenn at
Address: 6500 St. Stephen's Dr., Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 327-1213