Summer Camps

Photography Camp

June 10-14, 2024  
Cost: $420
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Monday-Friday, 9:00am-12:00pm

Join us to explore the art of photography this summer! While everyone takes pictures these days, we plan to explore all types of photography. We’ll play with pinhole cameras and introduce campers to the darkroom, experiment with alternative processes like cyanotypes, and hike our beautiful private trails to work on nature photography and landscapes (and maybe take a dip in a swimming hole). We’ll also spend some time in the digital darkroom working in Photoshop on portraits and other fun assignments. Students will leave camp with a variety of images. Cameras, film and/or digital are preferred, but phone cameras will suffice. All are welcome! 

Camp is taught by Chris Caselli, SSES alum, professional photographer, and member of the SSES Fine Arts Department. 

For more information, please contact Camp Instructor Chris Caselli at or Shane Maguire at  
Address: 6500 St. Stephen's Dr., Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 327-1213