E.P.I.C. Teammates of the Week: Oliver Padalecki and Darcy Diffen

Each week St. Stephen’s Middle School Athletics recognizes Spartans who represent the four pillars of the Middle School Athletic Creed: Excellence, Pride, Integrity, and Commitment - E.P.I.C. Teammates. Congratulations to this week's honorees, Oliver Padalecki ’28 and Darcy Diffen ’28!
Oliver Padalecki is a midfielder on the Boys' Lacrosse team. "Ollie" garners the attention of his opponents even when he doesn't have the ball. Opposing coaches and players automatically know Ollie is a "go-to" guy on the field. Whenever he has possession of the ball, he's tough to stop thanks to his speed, agility and field sense. He knows how to avoid defenders and attack the goal at the same time. He is also fearless when it comes to stopping the opponent from scoring.
"Oliver's willingness to learn, adapt, and improve in the game of lacrosse are strengths that elevate him and his teammates to play at their best on the field,” said Coach Harrison Parr. “Oliver is the kind of athlete you want on your team as he makes everyone better while working to improve himself!" 
Oliver's future is bright as a Spartan Lax Player.
Darcy Diffen lives and breathes softball. Before officially enrolling at SSES, Darcy knew she wanted to follow in her mom's footsteps and play softball for the Spartans. She was determined to find enough players to restart the MS Softball Program that was idle last year, and she certainly succeeded. 
Darcy is the pitcher for the team, leading the Spartans to a 2-2-1 record this season with two games remaining. Her coaches had this to say: "Darcy's commitment to softball and the Spartan team is unmatched! She is a dedicated, determined and talented young pitcher! She is always striving to improve and does a great job implementing coaches' feedback in order to get better." 
Darcy takes TREMENDOUS PRIDE in being a Spartan softball player and in her accomplishment of reviving the softball program. For that, we are proud to say she is this week's EPIC TEAMMATE!
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