A Rainbow Array of Festive Color Marks Holi Celebration

Sponsored by the St. Stephen’s Indian Affinity Group, Spartans gathered after school to celebrate Holi on the Hill, the end of winter and the beginning of spring honoring the symbolic triumph of good over evil.

“It felt so wonderful to be part of a community that values such diverse celebrations and a community of students, parents and faculty that also want to learn about these different celebrations,” says Parent Volunteer Avani Parikh Vije P ’28 ’31.

The ancient Holi celebration is customary in India and is typically held at the end of March on the last full moon of the Lunar calendar. Celebrants of all ages participate with music, dancing and tossing colorful powder called gulal in the air and on one another.

“It's really nice to get the chance to do it; it's my senior year,” said Aliza Chauthani ’24.

The St. Stephen’s community hopes Holi on The Hill becomes an annual event.
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