E.P.I.C. Teammates of the Week: Nadine Benson and Cole Davenport

Each week St. Stephen’s Middle School Athletics recognizes Spartans who represent the four pillars of the Middle School Athletic Creed: Excellence, Pride, Integrity, and Commitment - E.P.I.C. Teammates. Congratulations to this week's honorees, Nadine Benson ’28 and Cole Davenport ’28!
For the final Winter E.P.I.C. Teammates of the Week, we honor eighth-grade Red Team basketball players, Nadine Benson and Cole Davenport. Both have played on their respective Red Teams all three years of Middle School, and both get a lot of attention from opponents for their athleticism and their sheer presence on the court. 
Nadine Benson’s breakaway speed helps her outrun the competition, and her on-court experience proves valuable when leading her team. "Nadine has been on fire this season, showing incredible composure, skill and dedication on the court,” said Coach Dustin Armstrong. “Not only does Nadine shine individually, but she's also a fantastic teammate, uplifting and encouraging those around her. Her coachability and team spirit make her a joy to work with, and her impact on the game is truly inspiring."
Cole Davenport stands out among his peers not only with his height but also with his "never-get-rattled" presence on the court. Whatever he needs to do for the team to win, he will do it –whether it's scoring, rebounding, or defending the opponent's best player – or a combination of all three. Davenport’s best offensive game of the season was a 34-point performance against Magellan back in January.  His game has evolved into much more than just scoring baskets. Coach Jed Marquez said, "Cole has shown great leadership throughout the season. He is always trying to keep his teammates focused and ready to take care of business." Davenport’s commitment to his team is relentless!
We are thrilled that these EPIC athletes will be setting the tone for the Spartan Basketball program over the next four years!
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