Spartans Impress Judges at the National Chinese Essay Contest

The eight St. Stephen’s students participated in the intermediate-level division as non-heritage Chinese speakers. They each are currently enrolled in Chinese V and Chinese Independent Studies classes and wrote essays entirely in Chinese characters about their chosen topic: 如何针对不平事 "How to Respond to Injustice." Taught by Hai Zheng Olefsky, a Master Teaching Chair in Critical Language and Coordinator of Chinese Studies, the students were given clear direction; select individuals or groups of people that they feel are marginalized or misunderstood, discuss the injustices they have observed or experienced, and then propose potential solutions for fostering an atmosphere that welcomes and respects everyone.

Some of the student’s chosen topics included: the importance of educating students about homosexuality to promote respect and understanding, what they perceive as a double standard in student dress codes between boys and girls and equality concerns for the diverse boarding and day student population at St. Stephen’s.

The awards are as follows:

Gold Award Winners
Salvador Castañeda ’24, Rebecca Cole ’25, Julia Havermann ’24 (second year in a row)

Silver Award Winners
Kieran Desireddi ’26, Steely Horne-Lalande ’26, Adelaine Leslie ’26, Nevita McCormick ’26 

Honorable Mention
Benjamin Patrick ’25 

Congratulations to these Spartans and everyone who participated in the 20th annual writing competition.
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