Social Strategy Session for New International Students, 2024

The International Program hosted the second of three sessions devoted to helping our new international students adjust to life at St. Stephen's. The first acculturation session happened in September and focused on academics, and the second focused on social life and expectations.
Junior and Senior peer mentors led group conversations and offered guidance on a variety of topics: developing positive relationships with peers, such as roommates, teammates, dorm-mates, and day student friends; interactions with adults, including teachers, dorm parents, support staff, and host families; navigating stress, homesickness, and distractions, while also trying to implement good time management skills and get involved in campus activities; and adjusting to new or different cultural expectations, especially around manners and communication.
Students sought to answer the overarching question, how do we find a balance between the pressure to assimilate to new culture(s) while also showing up as our authentic selves without being afraid of social or cultural isolation? 
The evening was filled with fruitful discussion, and we are thankful to our peer mentors and our new students for enthusiastically participating.
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