St. Stephen’s Madrigals are Singing for Joy as They Win Regional Award

Congratulations to Jenna Thomas ’27, Katie Horton ’27 & Jocelyn Hoenicke ’24 for representing St. Stephen's incredibly well at the competition held at St. Agnes Academy in Houston earlier this January. Congratulations goes to Jenna Thomas who was selected as a featured soloist in the concert. Watch Jenna’s solo here.

“This experience was such a blast,” says Hoenicke ’24. “I had so much fun with my fellow Madrigal singers Katie, Jenna, and Ms. Lipman, and we were able to meet so many nice people from other schools. Our conductor was absolutely amazing, and performing in a concert all together with beautiful music was inspiring!! The trips to Bucces's on the way were also such a blast!! The honor means so much to me! Singing brings me pure joy. I love inspiring my fellow singers as a sunny, positive role model and working together to make beautiful collective sounds.”

Another award recipient is also overjoyed about the recognition and the overall experience as this was a way to honor a family legacy.

“I love singing because my grandma used to sing and I want to make her proud,” says Horton ’27.  “This was such an honor and a learning experience that I will forever remember. I made so many friends that I can keep for the rest of my participation in TPSMEA choirs,” says Horton ’27.
The Madrigal Singers have had a busy school year so far performing during a number of chapel services, and at St. Stephen’s annual Lessons and Carols in December. They also sang Christmas carols for nurses, staff and patients at St. David’s Hospital and Texas Oncology.  
The next performance on the calendar is this weekend as fellow Spartans who are heading to Dallas with John Moon and Dave Sayers for the TPSMEA All State Ensembles! They will perform a concert on January 27. Join us in cheering on Megal Alla ’24 (flute), Thomas, Guan ’25 (bass), Kevin Li ’25 (cello), Sam Shea ’27 (violin) and John Wells ’26 (trumpet). Go Spartans!
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