Fine Arts Camps Start Middle Schoolers on the Right Note

Helm Auditorium was recently filled with proud St. Stephen’s parents, faculty and staff eager to cheer on the middle schoolers who were ready to show off what they learned during a four-day Fine Arts Camp which included band, orchestra and theater. 

Orchestra director John Moon held a Beginner Strings workshop in the morning for 6th graders in his classroom near the Recital Hall, and band director Dave Sayers worked with St. Stephen’s musicians throughout the week as well. The camp also included other Fine Arts like theater, dance and choreography with Director of Middle School theater Jeremy Sweetlamb, Choir Director Kendra Lipman and Middle School dance instructor Kassie Kelly.

At the end of the Fine Arts camp, students hosted a recital or showcase where they combined all they learned and performed for an audience full of parents, faculty and staff.

“I really like seeing how it all comes together,” said Sweetlamb. “I’m so in awe of all the choreography. It was about 45 kids in sync and singing great. It looked amazing, and it always blows me away.”

The students were busy bouncing from band to orchestra workshops in Helm all week, while also meeting new friends, getting comfortable with the campus and easing back into Spartan life. 

Be on the lookout for announcements about upcoming auditions and fall performances. You can learn more about The Arts at St. Stephen’s here.
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