Outstanding Student-Athletes Honored

As the 2021–22 school year came to a close, St. Stephen’s honored elite athletes for their academic excellence and athletic prowess throughout the last 10 months. At the Closing Awards Ceremony in late May, Athletic Director Jon McCain and Head of Upper School Kim Garey presented the David Paschall Awards, as well as the Academy Academic Excellence Awards. 

The David Paschall Award was created in the spring of 1994 to recognize and honor outstanding accomplishments of students in academics and athletics. It was named in honor of Coach David Paschall, who served as the boys’ athletic director at St. Stephen’s for 29 years. In high school, he lettered in three sports and was valedictorian of his senior class. In college at the University of the South, Paschall was a cum laude graduate and a three-sport letter winner. 

To be eligible for the award, a student must earn a Varsity letter during each term and maintain honor roll status during the fall and winter terms. Congratulations to these outstanding student-athletes. 

The 2021–22 David Paschall Award Winners 
Meg Canfield, Grade 11 | Field Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse
Meredith Clay, Grade 11 | Field Hockey, Soccer, Tennis
Kendall Dowd, Grade 12 | Field Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse
Delaney Halloran, Grade 10 | Field Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse
Priya Jhaveri, Grade 11 | Field Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse
Andy Li, Grade 11 | Cross Country, Soccer, Track & Field
Wilson McCann, Grade 12 | Football, Basketball, Lacrosse
Bradley Parham, Grade 11 | Field Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse
Gracie Ramza, Grade 12 | Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse
Zoe Schaffer, Grade 12 | Field Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse
Caden Schmidt, Grade 12 | Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball

In addition to honoring our three-sport varsity letter-winners, the St. Stephen’s Tennis and Soccer academies recognized the outstanding accomplishments of academy athletes—both in the classroom and on the soccer pitch or tennis court. To be eligible for this award, students must compete at a performance level in the Soccer Academy or Tennis Academy and maintain honor roll status during the fall and winter terms. Congratulations to these outstanding Academy members. 

The 2021–22 Academy Academic Excellence Award Winners
Salvador Casteneda, Grade 10 | Soccer Academy
Ishaan Chadha, Grade 11 | Tennis Academy
Jorik Dammann, Grade 10 | Soccer Academy
Kieran Desireddi, Grade 9 | Tennis Academy
Lucas Elkins, Grade 10 | Tennis Academy
Phoebe George, Grade 10 | Soccer Academy
Thomas Groff-Barragan, Grade 10 | Tennis Academy
Felix Halloran, Grade 12 | Soccer Academy
Jocelyn Hoenicke, Grade 10 | Tennis Academy
Eli Meyers, Grade 12 | Soccer Academy
Anish Palakurthi, Grade 12 | Tennis Academy
Jai Rapaka, Grade 12 | Soccer Academy
Brodie Rodemacher, Grade 10 | Soccer Academy
John Savage, Grade 12 | Soccer Academy
Carlos Schober, Grade 10 | Soccer Academy
Cameron Smith, Grade 11 | Soccer Academy
Daniel Zhu, Grade 11 | Soccer Academy

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