2022 Regional Scholastic Art Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to the 2022 regional Scholastic Art Award winners. For this year's competition, judges reviewed more than 1,400 individual submissions and 27 senior portfolios from across Central Texas.

The students listed below were selected for recognition by the Scholastic judges on January 8. Gold Key winners now move on to the national event for another round of adjudication this spring.

Special recognition goes to 10th grader Christopher Aung, one of five students named an American Visions Nominee for his photograph "Longing." 

Jaden Alvarez, Honorable Mention, Skulls of Time, Ceramics & Glass
Christopher Aung, Gold Key, American Visions Nominee, Longing, Photography
Honorable Mention, Ama, Photography
Honorable Mention, Morning Moon, Photography
Amanda Bell, Honorable Mention, Window to the soul, Photography
Alexis Bielinski, Silver Key, Crystal Sea, Painting
Honorable Mention, Cruzin', Editorial Cartoon
Leo Brainard, Honorable Mention, Hob!, Mixed Media
William Casas, Honorable Mention, Cyclohexane, Ceramics & Glass
Aidan Castanon, Gold Key, Mouse Trap, Ceramics & Glass
Cale Chappelear, Silver Key, Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis, Photography
Honorable Mention, Strawberry, Photography
Nicholas Chen, Silver Key, Veiled Boy, Drawing & Illustration
Meghan Chia, Honorable Mention, Cloudless Skies, Painting
Annie Ehrlich, Honorable Mention, Lunar Landscape, Photography
Sophia Fan, Honorable Mention, Lanterns in the Countryside, Photography
Rex Gilliland, Honorable Mention, BW window, Photography
Thomas Guan, Gold Key, Lone Vessel, Photography
Gold Key, Natural Acrobat, Photography
Gold Key, Still Water Runs Deep, Photography
Gold Key, Towards Light, Photography
Gold Key, Holy Ground, Photography
Silver Key, The Fleet-footed, Photography
Silver Key, Lift Off, Photography
Silver Key, Awe, Photography
Silver Key, Motherhood on the Highlands, Photography
Honorable Mention, Faith, Photography
Honorable Mention, On the Misty River, Photography
Honorable Mention, Other Joy, Photography
Honorable Mention, Une Barque Sur L'Ocean, Photography
Hana Hassibi, Silver Key, Distorted Reflection, Photography
Silver Key, Twenty-Twenty, Photography
Julia Havemann, Honorable Mention, Opportunities, Film & Animation
Nicole Heyer, Silver Key, Wisdom, Photography
Honorable Mention, Icarus, Photography
Maeve Kadyan, Gold Key, Swimmers, Photography
Silver Key, Roman Goddess, Photography
Silver Key, Pondering Life, Photography
Silver Key, In Both Worlds, Photography
Natalie Kwon, Honorable Mention, Fountain in the Fall, Drawing & Illustration
Honorable Mention, Green, Red, White, Drawing & Illustration
Byars Langdon, Gold Key, Fllyyyyyiiiinnn, Photography
Georgia Lee, Silver Key, Ocean Reflections, Photography
Jasmine Li, Silver Key, Growing Up, Painting
Zoe Loar, Honorable Mention, Devil Doll, Sculpture
Selina Lu, Silver Key, Lung, Drawing & Illustration
Jacob McDaniel, Honorable Mention, Fading Rust, Ceramics & Glass
Honorable Mention, Old Cell, Ceramics & Glass
Joshua Natinsky, Honorable Mention, Colored Water, Photography
Isabella Ratcliff, Gold Key, Puppy Dog Eyes, Painting
Tony Shan, Gold Key, Carrefour, Photography
Gold Key, Portal, Photography
Silver Key, No-Show, Photography
Silver Key, Sidle, Photography
Honorable Mention, Nostalgia, Photography
Honorable Mention, Razor's Edge, Photography
Chang Shi, Gold Key, Curiosity, Photography
Gold Key, Bustle, Photography
Silver Key, Burden, Photography
Honorable Mention, Escape, Photography
Honorable Mention, Dew, Photography
Hannah Simmonds, Gold Key, Illuminate, Ceramics & Glass
Kristin Svahn, Honorable Mention, Golden Trance, Photography
Ray Swartz, Gold Key, The Truth Will Set Me Free, Photography
Gold Key, Deconstructing, Photography
Gold Key, Vanity Reflects the Best, Photography
Gold Key, Cacophony, Photography
Honorable Mention, Unwavering, Photography
Honorable Mention, The Modern Ophelia, Photography
Honorable Mention, New Age Dawning, Photography
Honorable Mention, Identity and the Self, Art Portfolio
Honorable Mention, Combatting the Fear of the Unknown, Photography
Leela Weisser, Honorable Mention, The Color of Hope, Painting
Wen Wen, Silver Key, Samsara, Photography
Isa Whiteley Bermeo, Gold Key, To San Jose, Photography
Honorable Mention, Shoe Shining, Photography
Eric Xie, Silver Key, A Drizzle of Transparency, Drawing & Illustration
Silver Key, Plateau, Architecture & Industrial Design
Honorable Mention, Warped Reflection, Drawing & Illustration
Chelsea Xue, Silver Key, phlegm, Photography
Honorable Mention, 13 seconds of euphoria, Digital Art
Jerry Zhang, Silver Key, Nuclear Amphibian, Ceramics & Glass
Gold Key, Morning Routine, Painting
Silver Key, Night time reflection, Painting
Silver Key, Gouache Self Portrait, Painting
Honorable Mention, Double Self-Portrait, Painting
Honorable Mention, Self Portrait, Mixed Media
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