Huy Nguyen ’12 Meets Virtually with Investment Club Members

A group of industrious students who are interested in exploring careers in the investment world formed the Investment Club earlier this year. They recently invited alumnus Huy Nguyen ’12 to speak with the club via Zoom about his experiences at St. Stephen's, in college and throughout his career.

Nguyen earned a B.A. in economics and now works as an associate with Saothair Capital Partners, a private equity firm in Philadelphia. Club members asked him thoughtful questions about the field and how to get their foot in the door. He advised them to network, seek out internships and use resources that become available to them through these experiences.

When asked what he values most about his experiences at St. Stephen's, Nguyen said that he learned to write during his time on The Hill. He believes that you cannot underestimate the value of being able to write and communicate well. He also believes that St. Stephen’s did an excellent job in teaching him to quickly digest material and synthesize that material to communicate thoughtfully.

The session had a light-hearted moment when Upper School science instructor Dean Mohlman asked Nguyen about his St. Stephen’s football career. His face lit up as he remembered his time on the field and being coached by Mohlman.

Besides playing football, Nguyen learned three languages, played Lacrosse and received the Brewster Medal at graduation, an honor given to the senior who made the greatest total contribution to the life of the school.

Many thanks to Nguyen for sharing his experiences with our students, as well as to the club leaders, 11th graders Tiana Wang and Matthew Rowe, for coordinating his presentation. The Investment Club is sponsored by mathematics instructor Megan Watkins ’03.

—Hayden Blood, director of major gifts
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