Middle School Student Creates Community Food Drive

Eighth-grade Spartan Zach Geller and his younger sister, Lauren, were distressed to learn about the many Austin-area residents who lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Fearing their families would go hungry, the pair decided to create a local food drive to help them.
The siblings distributed close to 100 empty paper bags throughout their neighborhood, asking neighbors to donate nonperishable food items for families in need. Almost half his neighbors supported the drive. “We received about 40 bags of food back,” said Geller, who collected the donations and then dropped them off at the Central Texas Food Bank. “It was great to see our community come out and support the cause.”
Local news station KXAN was so impressed with the kids’ community service work, that they ran a story about the pair’s efforts to feed hungry Austinites. Geller hopes the piece inspires others to help out as well. 
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