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Student Field Researchers Learn Beekeeping

Students participating in this year's Field Research Station activities with science instructor Dean Mohlman recently were treated to a special lesson on beekeeping from local expert Brandon Fehrencamp. Following a Saturday morning classroom talk, the student field researchers traveled to see Fehrencamp's bee hives in action and collect fresh honey and wax.

Afterward, they met up in again in Kindy Verderber's 6th grade science lab to taste some of our very own St. Stephen's honey. Verderber, who helps tend the school's hives, also took the opportunity to teach the students how to melt the wax to create lip balm and candles.

Special thanks go to Gretchen McCracken-Inman, director of health services, and chemistry teacher Dennis Sheeter for participating in the beekeeping outing.

Interested in learning more about our students' Field Research Station work? The next Saturday morning program will be held on Jan. 11, 2020. Contact Dean Mohlman to learn more.
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