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Students Participate in Kick-Off Event for New Field Research Station

On Sept. 7, Dean Mohlman hosted a group of 15 Spartans at the inaugural activity for the school’s new Field Research Station (FRS). The students, who represented day and boarding programs, met initially to discuss invasive species before going out to remove the invasive Nandina plant species. This effort will help the Cedar Waxwing bird population survive their migration through our campus.
It was an awesome experience,” said 10th grader Bryan Zhao. “I got to know more about the wildlife around the campus when working in the fields. But most importantly, I had the chance to do something that will benefit the ecosystem of our campus in the future.”
This was the first activity for the FRS, which is designed to allow students to participate in hands-on project-based research using our land and its resources. Future FRS activities will include the continued removal of invasive species, as well as analysis and surveying of plant and animal species on campus. Students may eventually enter their FRS projects as science fair projects in the Austin Regional Science Fair in February.  
“I enjoyed the Field Research Observation because not only am I doing something great for the habitat and campus, but I also have the chance to improve my plant recognizing ability, exercise and have fun,” said 10th grader Leo Chou. 
The FRS is one component in the school's larger Outdoor Education Program, which includes a full range of activities, from the Devil’s Canyon Wilderness Program to stewardship of five-acre parcels of lands assigned to the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Led by Charlton Perry, the Outdoor Education Program seeks to develop Spartans’ self-confidence, resilience and self-sufficiency, while fostering a stronger sense of community, pride of place and connection to the land, as well as a deeper respect for, knowledge of and engagement in the natural world.
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