DEI Task Force

Following the completion of St. Stephen's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) audit this spring, the Glasgow Group submitted a lengthy report to the school in June. The report highlighted lessons learned, major themes and issues uncovered by the audit, as well as proposed actions for the future. 

The school formed a DEI Task Force that will continue the DEI Leadership Team's effort to create a DEI Strategic Plan based on findings from the audit. The task force will be made up of the following members of our community:

  • Yvonne Adams - Director of Equity and Inclusion, DEI Task Force Co-Chair
  • Ling Allen - International Office
  • Terry Chapman - Middle School Learning Specialist
  • Chris Gunnin - Head of School
  • Gita Lal - Parents' Association, DEI Committee Chair
  • Michelle Geo Olmstead - Director of Alumni Relations
  • Adriana Redmond - International Office Advisor
  • Julie Person '71 - Trustee, Former school faculty member
  • Jonathan Quander '89 - Trustee, DEI Task Force Co-Chair
  • Lawrence Sampleton - Associate Head of School for Enrollment
  • Cherise Smith, Ph.D. - Trustee; Chair, African and African Diaspora Studies Department at UT-Austin
  • Cecelia Stewart - Middle School Administrative Assistant, House Leader
  • Caitlin Sweetlamb - Upper School Co-Coordinator, Equity and Inclusion, English Instructor
  • Jose Toscano - Trustee, Spartan parent to Ashley ‘08, Alan ‘12 and Anique ‘15
  • Kristin Weigand - Human Resources Director
  • Michael Ybarra '98 - Trustee, international human rights attorney
St. Stephen's is grateful for the work many members of our community have performed to get us to this point in our institutional growth. In the coming months, the newly formed task force will lead our school toward a more just, equitable and inclusive future.
Address: 6500 St. Stephen's Dr., Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 327-1213