Morgan Stokes

Morgan Stokes, MS Lay Chaplain

Joined St. Stephen’s in 2011

In the spring of 2014, St. Stephen’s created a new lay chaplain position for the Middle School. To everyone’s delight, Morgan Stokes, former Middle School administrative assistant, was named to this multi-faceted role.

Throughout her tenure at St. Stephen’s Stokes has developed close, personal relationships with Middle School students through such diverse activities as MS advisor, D-Term group leader, strength and conditioning assistant, Bible study leader, and Chapel Committee coordinator. As lay chaplain to the Middle School, she is now responsible for enhancing the school’s community service programs, Chapel programming and worship, and pastoral care offerings.

For Stokes, the lay chaplain position was a perfect fit for her background and interests. "At the time I was appointed to this new role, I had 15 years of experience in youth ministry and social work, so the lay chaplain role just seemed like a great opportunity for me,” she said. “Service learning is one of the pillars of our Episcopal identity. I want to build upon those traditions and help kids understand why it is important to help others, how service is tied to our school’s mission and values.

“I love that St. Stephen’s is committed to enriching the spiritual lives of students,” she continued. “We give students the opportunity to examine their faith without forcing a dogmatic answer on them. The process is more important than the answer. I want to help them discover their unique relationship with and belief in the Divine.”
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