Melissa Livsey

Melissa Livsey, US Chemistry Instructor

Joined St. Stephen’s in 1995
I have been teaching for more than 30 years, but I do not ever want to start thinking I have mastered teaching. It should be a constant learning process. I enjoy learning about different learning styles and new teaching techniques. I also like the science department at St. Stephen’s. We share a similar philosophy about teaching and getting students excited to learn.
I appreciate it when students ask questions, offer ideas and try to solve problems. I like the energy that goes along with all of that. I enjoy watching their problem-solving process. It allows me to see what they understand and what we need to work on. I love seeing that moment when “the light goes on” and they are as excited as I am about the material. I also love when a student asks a question that stumps all of us or brings the conversation to another level.
I appreciate the relationships I have with students at St. Stephen’s. My students thank me for class every day. When I tell other teacher friends this, they are stunned. For the most part, our students enjoy conversing with adults. I have had great conversations with students while working on a lab, during a conference, driving them to the mall, coaching them in the triple jump or sitting with them at a lunch table.
I hope that St. Stephen’s helps our students find their passion. If they love to learn and are willing to learn every day, they will be fine. They do not need to be chemists or even remember the chemistry highway…. They just need to be confident when faced with a problem they have not seen before and willing to fail before finding success. 
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