Jin Chung

Jin Chung MS, Anthropology Instructor

Joined St. Stephen’s in 2012
During my college years, I realized what I valued most in life were opportunities to engage with people and help them achieve goals or solve problems. After I earned my law degree at UT, I began to redirect my career based on what professions might give me the best opportunity to encourage, train or advocate for others.
Before coming to St. Stephen’s, my prior jobs gave me the opportunity to work in-depth with college students all over the United States and the world. I met many remarkable young leaders. Although they differed in backgrounds, personalities and talents, there were some consistent traits they had in common. They had a fierce desire to question and listen. They were humble about their accomplishments because they understood the role others had in supporting them. They saw the power and joy that comes from connecting with others different from them. I hope my classroom and this campus promotes these values in all our students. I have found that there are endless opportunities here to get to know people in meaningful ways.
Teaching is most enjoyable to me when the students and I collaborate, listen and learn from each other — when there is a strong sense of mutual respect and trust. Each class offers something new. Although my students are in 8th grade, I try to view them as partners who are striving for the same goals. Students are naturally curious. They like challenges and to problem solve. I feel like my job is to present issues, questions and perspectives that tap into these instincts. 
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Phone: (512) 327-1213