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Balancing academic achievement with personal growth to become responsible global citizens.

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Cities in Texas represented by our boarding students


Class of 2023 graduates attending four-year colleges


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Students Become the Best Version of Themselves at St. Stephen's

St. Stephen's prepares students for success and a healthy, balanced life — in college and beyond. Students enjoy small class sizes and faculty who are accessible outside the classroom, along with extracurricular opportunities to explore new interests and pursue their passions. This personalized learning experience allows students to develop their full potential as adults and become responsible citizens of the world. Join us for a prospective parent coffee or virtual campus visit, or contact us to learn more about the distinctive, nationally recognized St. Stephen's Experience.

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Personalized Learning Develops Full Potential

    • At St. Stephen's, our focus on the individual means that we nurture intellectual freedom and foster meaningful faculty-student relationships that develop your unique talents. You will feel safe to take risks, learn from personal exploration and lead activities you're passionate about.

      Our boarding students enjoy the support of faculty, counselors and learning specialists living on campus seven days a week. Academic enrichment includes supervised study sessions in dorms as well as late library hours allowing you to study with peers in collaborative spaces. In addition, the boarding program offers a range of engaging after-school activities where you can interact with peers and teachers in a stress-free environment.

      You'll also be better prepared for college, thanks to our focus on critical reading, persuasive writing, public speaking and independent research skills. When you learn to deal with uncertainty and navigate ambiguity, you will grow in confidence and experience more success in college and throughout life.

Our Community Fosters Healthy, Balanced Lifestyles

    • Our safe and supportive community fosters a strong sense of belonging and self-worth. We recognize the inherent dignity of every individual, and we want all our boarding students to feel like St. Stephen's is their home away from home. Here, each student matters!

      You will have lots of time for after-school programs, and we encourage every student to try new things! We offer a wide variety of fun activities through athletics and fine arts as well as student clubs and organizations. St. Stephen's also connects students with Austin's amazing resources. This includes internships and independent study projects at local businesses, community service projects at local nonprofits and an array of cultural activities and outdoor recreational opportunities.

      As you interact with faculty, peers and dorm parents in our global residential community, you will acquire valuable study habits and time management skills, while learning to respect cultural differences and see the world through other people's eyes. The meaningful relationships you form will help you achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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Why Families Choose St. Stephen's

Why Families Choose St. Stephen's

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  • Personalized Learning

    • Value individual expression and intellectual freedom
    • Encourage the pursuit of passions and participation in new learning experiences
    • Foster meaningful student-faculty relationships
    • Know your child as a unique individual inside and outside the classroom

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  • Supportive Community

    • Provide a safe community where students can take risks, make mistakes and grow from experience
    • Inspire student engagement and connection through a variety of programs on and off campus
    • Honor the inherent dignity of every individual while cultivating a sense of belonging

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  • Healthy, Balanced Lifestyle

    • Support students with a team of advisors, counselors, learning specialists and dorm parents
    • Teach life skills that are essential to success in college and beyond
    • Provide opportunities for every student to shine through a balanced program of academics, athletics, fine arts and extracurriculars

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  • Becoming Global Citizens

    • Foster a love of learning and spirit of service
    • Produce leaders ready to improve the world
    • Instill a strong sense of self and commitment to others
    • Cultivate self-sufficiency and independent thinking
    • Provide opportunities to interact with peers from other cultures and learn to see the world through their eyes

Spartans Share Their St. Stephen's Experience

"My son learned to take responsibility for his work and actions. He developed meaningful relationships with students and adults. And he earned through practice skills and tools that will serve him well on his life's journey."
C. Leilani Valdes '91
Parent of Boarding Student and Alum
"As a boarding student at St. Stephen's, I've made friendships with people from all over the world. We've learned many things about each other — from our languages and the meals we like to cook to other aspects of our cultures." 
Peyton Burgess
10th Grade Boarding Student 
"I appreciate the relationships I have with students at St. Stephen's. I have had great conversations with students while working on a lab, coaching them in track, sitting with them at a lunch table or driving them to the mall."
Melissa Livsey
Upper School Science Instructor

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Address: 6500 St. Stephen's Dr., Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 327-1213