Operating Budget

Budgeted 2022-23 Revenue
Tuition and Fees: $29,617,210
Annual Fund and Other: $2,000,000
Auxiliary Services: $3,897,100
Other Income: $160,000
Endowment Funding: $1,089,056
Total Revenues: $36,763,366

Budgeted 2022-23 Expenses
Instruction & Student Services: $15,757,185
Administrative: $6,094,865
General Institution: $1,011,000
Plant Operations: $4,641,697
Financial Aid & Remission: $5,218,953
Auxiliary Services: $4,039,664
Total Expenses: $36,763,366
”My time at St. Stephen’s has impacted my life in nothing but positive ways – from helping to improve my academics, to how I express myself, and how I interact with peers and teachers. Although St. Stephen’s has made me a better student and person, it has changed the way my family and my future generations will live their lives as well.”

 – Financial Aid Recipient From the Class of 2025

Commitment to Financial Aid

”Thank you for contributing to my education. Without your support, St. Stephen’s would have never been an option for me. Going to St. Stephen’s completely changed my learning journey for the better, especially in the options it offers me. The large variety of courses at St. Stephens allowed me to explore different classes based on my interests.”

 – Financial Aid Recipient From the Class of 2024 
Annual Fund Success and Growth
Do you have questions about philanthropy at St. Stephen’s?
Contact April Speck-Ewer, Director of Advancement, at 512.327.1213 x118
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