Scientific Research with Sensors and IOT

More information available December 1, 2019
Registration for 2020 will open February 1st 
Age: 12-15

This camp combines IOT (the internet of things) and science. You will build a device that can can take data using sensors and a microcontroller. You also learn how to store this data in the cloud and to visualize it on a data dashboard.

Here is an example: Cars get hot on a summer day. This is caused by a phenomenon called the greenhouse effect. In this camp we build a temperature data logger that could be put in the car over the course of the day during which it measures temperature and sends that data to the cloud. From a cool distance you can monitor the temperature dashboard on a webpage that you create. You might also want to measure the temperature outside the car so that later you can study the relationship between the two using data you have logged.

Or you might build a device that measures both sunlight and soil moisture content. You could even measure the height of the plants that are growing vs time. All of this could be part of a crop yield study.  And even more interesting, what if you were growing the plants in an environment that mimics martian soil and atmosphere?

We will have a host of sensors on hand  such as thermometers, humidity sensors, soil moisture detectors, accelerometers, motion detectors, light meters, and health sensors.

This camp is for mature and self motivated students. Beginners are welcome.

Students will take home a microcontroller, a device they build, and a sensor kit full of sensors for future experiments.    

This camp is taught by St. Stephen’s electronics and robotics teacher Troy Lanier.
You can follow his students’ work at

Address: 6500 St. Stephen's Dr., Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 327-1213