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Soccer Academy Overview

St. Stephen's Soccer Academy is where motivated players achieve athletic and academic excellence in a home-like environment set in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

The ability to play soccer at the college level can help a high school senior stand out from a crowded field of college applicants. So can a demonstrated history of advanced academic achievement and the acquisition of young adult life skills. Combined, these factors can dramatically help a high school graduate get accepted to one of his or her top choice colleges. And that, in a nutshell, is the promise of St. Stephen’s Soccer Academy — a boarding school program that stresses academic excellence while giving students the soccer training and in-game experience they need to reach their full collegiate athletic potential.

Why St. Stephen's Soccer Academy?

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  • Benefits of St. Stephen's Soccer Academy

    • A supportive environment where young soccer players can live, train, study and have fun with others their age who share their passion for the game
    • An expert, dedicated and caring coaching staff determined to make sure every academy member makes the most of his or her potential on the field, in the classroom, and in the school community
    • A rigorous program of academic study that just by itself has proven time and again to give students a leg up in gaining admission to the colleges of their choice
    • Spacious first-class training and playing facilities, nestled in a gorgeous tree-lined Hill Country setting
    • A temperate climate where students can play and train outdoors year round
    • Study, time management and independent life skills that help our students adapt to college life much more readily than typical entering freshmen.
    • Individualized strength and conditioning training, as well as group and individual sports psychology support
    • A structured system of club play where each player is matched with a team that will give him or her the most on-field experience and the best opportunity to advance his or her skills and abilities
    • Active college placement counseling that helps students gain admission to the colleges that best meet their athletic and academic goals
    • A home-like boarding school community where everyone belongs, and where academy students can be accepted for who they are, and become who they want to be
  • College Counseling and Placement

    According to Technical Director director Junro Narita, “In our experience, every Academy player who wants to play at the college level will have a great chance to do that. When we call colleges on behalf of our players, our calls always get returned because our kids come college-ready.”

    When it comes to finding the right college, students at the St. Stephen’s Soccer Academy get help on both the academic and athletic fronts. Like all students at St. Stephen’s, academy players are matched with an academic college counselor. College planning starts well before a student’s senior year. Our college counselors help students define their college goals, identify the colleges they’d like to apply to, and develop a plan that will position them for success.

    Working the college admissions battle on two fronts, academics and athletics, helps academy students stand out. As Coach Narita says, “Soccer is another powerful card kids can play to get into the best school.”
  • Competition

    Players at St. Stephen’s Soccer Academy get a lot of training time, and they get a lot of playing time, too. Thanks to our partnership with the Lonestar Soccer Club, the premier soccer organization in Central Texas, all Academy players compete on Club teams matched to their level of play. This means that players at all skill levels get plenty of playing time — no one is a second-stringer or bench-warmer. And the club play structure provides plenty of motivation and opportunity to move up to teams at higher skill levels.
    The fields at St. Stephen’s host a number of Lonestar Soccer Club teams, so many Academy players compete right here on campus. Transportation is provided to and from games held off-campus.
  • Physical and Mental Conditioning and Injury Prevention

    Our players get all of the resources they need to get stronger and better conditioned, both physically and mentally.

    Each term, our dedicated strength and conditioning coach develops customized programs for each academy player, based on his or her current conditioning and future goals. These customized regimens place a high emphasis on injury prevention, particularly for girls, who can have a higher risk for hip and other soccer-related injuries. Ongoing individualized consultation helps each player continue to get the most from his or her workouts. We also have an on-campus strength and conditioning facility, that's part of the our Fitness and Wellness center.

    We’re dedicated to training the whole player, mind and body. For that reason, St. Stephen’s Soccer Academy has an ongoing consulting relationship with a noted sports psychologist. He speaks to our players as a group at least once per academic year, and then is available to work with players individually by appointment.

    The sports psychology tools and techniques our players learn don’t just help on the field; they help balance the demands of a rigorous academic program and the challenges of young adult life. Many college coaches remark that graduates from St. Stephen’s Soccer Academy are among the most well-rounded athletes they have recruited and that they make the transition to college-level competition and academics with more poise and assurance than the typical player.
  • Soccer Instruction

    Soccer Academy director Shane Maguire says, “We’re here for the kid who can’t get enough soccer.” Coach Maguire and his staff work hard to give their players all of it they can handle: 6-8 training units per week, including personalized training and team competition at every skill level.
    We make it extremely easy to integrate high quality soccer training and competition into the academic calendar. Imagine reaching the end of the school day with your training work already completed! At St. Stephen’s Soccer Academy, you live where you train, so you can go to class, break for training, shower, eat and complete the rest of the school day, in a minimum of time, with a minimum of stress.

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