Legacy Council

The St. Stephen's Legacy Council preserves the tradition of giving and giving back to St. Stephen’s. Members of the Legacy Council, models of philanthropy for our school, have named St. Stephen’s as a beneficiary in their estate plans. These types of planned gifts, which support the school's endowment, provide perpetual financial support to the school, ensuring that St. Stehphen's remains vibrant and vital for future generations of Spartans. 
Carol Margaret Allen
Platt Allen Jr.*
Kathryn Miller Anderson '71
Reed A. Armstrong '84
Sara Clark Armstrong '68
Christine Aubrey

Linda Douglass and Kathryn Respess at graduation

Evelyn W. Bailey*
Lou Porter Bailey '71
Scott F. Bailey Jr. '70
The Rt. Rev. Scott Field Bailey*

Dean Towner and students in St. Stephen's first student center

Penny Balestrery Barstow
Dallas Baxter '60
Elizabeth* and Allen W. Becker*
Dianne Arnett Becker
Hildegarde Brewster Bird '53
Hayden Blood
Kathleen Hughes Bomze '93 and Dan Bomze
Patricia Booker '65
Kennon and Roger Bowen
William Brewster Jr. '51
Katherine Bailey Brown '05
J.P. Bryan '58
Linda R. Bulloch '60
Mary Bachman Burke '69
Ruth J. Buttrey*
Laura Camp

Thomas Sumners '63 and his father, The Rev. Charles A. Sumners, at the ground-breaking ceremony

Gretchen and Les Canter
Bettie Cartwright '60
Frederic Chapman '77*
Jim Collins '66
The Rev. James L. Considine*
Betty Ann and Don Cummins
Brad Cummins*
Phebe Davol '72
Cecilia Neuhaus Deaton
John Peyton Dewey Jr.*
E. Maurice Domengeaux '77
Cydney Donnell '77
J. Chrys Dougherty III*
Christopher N. Edmonds '71
Claire B. Elkins
Alfred Harlan Epperson Jr. '56*
Kim E. Fairey '76*
Alan Fenton
Billy W. Folmar*
Sherrie and Robert Frachtman
Carolyn Fricke
Dee Garcia