Make It Happen

A Project to Redefine and Renew Becker Library

This year's Make It Happen project will fund a much-needed redesign of Becker Library! Our library is a hub for educational collaboration and study, so it is time for a 21st century makeover of this important shared space, including:

  • New furniture to create spaces or “zones” within the library space that support diverse learning styles and needs.
  • Mobile technology to support students with their studies and research.
  • Create space for both collaborative work and quiet study zones.
  • Flexible design elements that allow furniture and space to be used in multiple ways.

What Is Make It Happen?

Make It Happen is an important joint fundraising effort between St. Stephen’s and the Parents’ Association. Working together they identify and fund special program needs on campus not covered by the school’s annual operating budget. Make It Happen projects are intended to immediately benefit the full St. Stephen’s community.

Read more about Make It Happen by downloading this article published in The Bell.

What kind of projects are funded through Make It Happen?

Make it Happen funds different projects each year. This year the project will focus exclusively on the library. In past years Make It Happen has funded such things as new seating, new lighting, campus wide-trash and recycling bins, sun shades, and water stations.

If you have questions or would like more information about Make It Happen, please send us an email

Library Facts and Figures

On average, 2500 unique student visits per week.

52% of students use the library everyday.

84% of students use the library for studying outside of class.

47% of students use the library after school hours.
Address: 6500 St. Stephen's Drive Austin, Texas 78746
Phone: 512-327-1213