Natalie Kim Receives Highest Award Given by TMTA

Natalie Kim, a member of the Class of 2022, has received the highest award given by the Texas Music Teachers Association for music theory. The Loving-Mansfield Gold Medal Award is presented annually to graduating 12th-grade students for achieving a perfect or near-perfect score (98 or above) each year from 1st grade to 12th grade on the TMTA music theory exam.  

“Each year thousands of students across the state take the TMTA music theory exam,” said music instructor Paula Wong, past-director of the Texas Music Teachers Association and Kim’s teacher. “Very few students take all 12 years of exams, and fewer still earn gold medals at each grade level. Scoring above a 98 is quite difficult.

“Bravo to Natalie for her mastery of theory concepts through all 12 grades,” Wong added.
As a winner of the Loving-Mansfield Award, Kim will receive a commemorative plaque and cash award at the annual TMTA convention in June.
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