Spartans Participate in Central Texas Model UN

Ten St. Stephen’s students recently participated in the Central Texas Model U.N. (CTMUN). This annual program was held Nov. 5-7 at The University of Texas at Austin.
Our Spartans joined hundreds of other globally minded students for the 16-hour, three-day event. They joined select crisis committees based on actual U.N. committees, as well as other specially designed fictional or historical committees.
“It was an impressive group of students all around, and they were all active and excited about the work, the topics and the event,” said Christopher Colvin, MUN sponsor.
“CTMUN has grown from a small coterie of aging World Federalist high school teachers to a wholly UT student-run event scattered across four UT buildings,” Colvin added. “It is now one of the largest and, in a number of ways, the most advanced Model UN events in the United States. It is a massive operation put together by a staff of more than 100.”
Following is a list of St. Stephen’s representatives and their committee placements:
Chelsea Xue, General Assembly Plenary
Isa Whiteley Bermeo, General Assembly Plenary
Emmett Brewer, Security Council
Leela Weisser, Legal
Eric Xie, Haiti
Bryan Zhao, Cosmos: Mars
Kush Bharti, Russia
Felix Eugene, U.S. Senate
Sarah Aggarwal, India
Sam Palmer, U.N. Press Corps
Chelsea Xue, an 11th grader, was recognized for writing the best position paper for the General Assembly Plenary, the largest committee at CTMUN. Congratulations to Xue and the other CTMUN participants.
Address: 6500 St. Stephen's Dr., Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 327-1213