St. Stephen's Student Club Offerings

Did you know that Wednesday is Club Day at St. Stephen’s? We have approximately 54 Upper School student clubs and organizations and 37 Middle School offerings.
Our Upper School clubs include Robotics, Medical Society, Student Government (StuGov), Music Composition, Weight Lifting, Photography, Social Justice in Science, Jewish Culture, GSA Affinity, Environmental, Chinese Culture and many more! New this year are Elevate (global affairs and culture), Chess, Fashion, Forensics, Advanced Conversational Spanish, Game Coding and Tai Chi. Most groups have anywhere from five to 40 participants!
Middle School students can choose from among Dance, Robotics, Yearbook, Art, The Zesty Press Newspaper, Classics Club, Indian Affinity Group, GSA, Be the Change, Improv and StuGov.
“There is an incredibly diverse set of clubs and activities for the 2021–22 school year,” noted Dhvani Sethi, Upper School mathematics instructor and StuGov sponsor. “There is something for everyone, and new ideas are constantly being brought to the table. These clubs allow each student to explore their passions outside of their classes and meet new people from different grades.
“A huge benefit has been to see all the student connections that are made during club time,” Sethi continued. “Another is the ownership and leadership that students show for a club that they start or want to take further. I love seeing the many ways that students seek out the opportunity to learn more and grow their passions. It is especially amazing to see older students inspiring their younger peers.”
To learn more about St. Stephen’s many student organization offerings, check out our dedicated club site.
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