Upper School Chapel Team Installed

On Friday, Sept. 3, the Rev. Adam Varner ’03, Upper School chaplain, held a special service to install and recognize the 2021?22 Chapel leadership team.
Upper School Lay Chaplain Morgan Stokes introduced the 15 students to the congregation and asked them to stand together by the altar. Varner then called upon them to be faithful stewards of the Chapel program.
“As the members of the Chapel team, you have been invited to plan worship services and lead Chapel programming,” he said. “It is your responsibility to be faithful stewards of the purposes of the Chapel program, which are to gather for spiritual growth, to worship in the Episcopal tradition and to celebrate our God-given diversity, to share Biblical and personal stories, and to raise issues that help us practice compassion and respect.
“Chapel programming is only as strong as you, its student leaders,” Varner continued. “And our model for leadership is the servant leadership of people like Jesus, people like St. Francis, and many others…a leadership that always begins with listening and then continues with acting based on what you have heard.”
Varner then asked the team members if they were willing to serve. “We are,” they responded in unison.
Before closing, Varner read the prayer of St. Francis, which asks God to make us instruments of peace. He then called upon everyone in attendance to recite the school prayer together.
The 2021-22 Chapel team includes 12th graders Parker Benningfield, Jael Dammann, Valerie Emioma, Ellie Gunnin, Ben Hale, Gabby Hoo, Natalie Kim, Delaney Post, Quari Robinson and Ari Sher; 11th graders Lexi Bielinski, Leo Brainard, Avery Evans and Jacob McDaniel; and 10th grader Hannah Simmonds.
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