Spartans Design Rocket Payload for United Launch Alliance

A group of Upper School students responded to a request for proposals from United Launch Alliance (ULA) to design a payload for a rocket, and the project was accepted. These "Space Spartans" will conduct several experiments involving rocket payloads.
During the launch, the rocket will experience about 10 Gs (gravitational force equivalent) of acceleration and reach an altitude of 5,500 feet. The students will test how ferrofluids — liquids attracted to magnet poles — suspended in a magnetic field react to sudden acceleration, as well as what happens to different immiscible liquids and marshmallows under the same high accelerations. The young scientists also will record altitude, air pressure, acceleration and temperature readings during and after the launch.
Participating students are Kush Bharti, Jael Dammann, Jerry Hao, Kate Kadyan, Anna Kavanagh, Eddy Kim, Jennifer Liu and BeJay Mugo. Danielle Horton, physics and engineering instructor, will support their work on the ULA project.
The rocket and the St. Stephen’s students’ payload will be launched on July 19 in Colorado Springs.
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