Dining Hall Offers Black History Month and Lunar New Year Specials

Throughout the month of February, the St. Stephen’s dining hall staff created a number of special meals in honor of Black History Month. They also prepared an exciting Lunar New Year menu to celebrate the Year of the Ox.
Sean Crudo, senior food service director, and his team created an exciting array of offerings for Black History Month to celebrate Black culture around the world, including dishes from Jamaica, East Africa and Nigeria, as well as Creole and Cajun meals from the American South. They even played New Orleans jazz with the Creole lunch to heighten the diners’ experience.
“The biggest reason I went into cooking was to help others and myself explore new cuisines,” Crudo explained. “Food ties into so many things, most of all culture. I wanted to take the opportunity to help bring some of that to our school community.”
The dining hall staff also celebrated Lunar New Year on Feb. 11 by decorating the servery and offering a number of traditional foods. “We had a steamed dumpling station with bamboo steamers, fried rice, lo mein and almond cookies,” Crudo said. “We also had some lovely good fortune packets, which helped make the whole night a blast. We were also able to project images of fireworks in the dining hall to really add to the night.”
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