Scholastic Art and Writing Award Honorees

St. Stephen’s is pleased to recognize our regional Scholastic Art and Writing Award honorees for 2021.

For the regional arts competition, judges received nearly 1,200 individual student submissions and 41 senior portfolios, all of which were adjudicated by a panel of creative professionals on Saturday, Jan. 9. 

Thirty-six Spartan artists received 19 Gold Key awards, 32 Silver Key awards and 38 Honorable Mentions for their works in Film and Animation, Painting, Drawing, Fashion, Architecture and Industrial Design, Digital Art, Mixed Media, Photography, Cartooning, Ceramics and Glass, and Expanded Projects.

Sixteen writers in the Middle School and Upper School received five Gold Key awards, eight Silver Key awards and 13 Honorable Mentions in categories ranging from Personal Essay and Memoir, Critical Essay, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Poetry, Short Story, Dramatic Script.

Gold Key recipients for both art and writing will move on to the national competition held later this spring. National winners will be invited to the national Scholastic Art and Writing Awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall in New York City in June.

Special thanks go to our school’s outstanding fine arts and writing teachers, who helped prepare students for these important competitions: Elizabeth Zepeda, Chris Caselli ’82, Lisa Orr, Mike Dolan, Victoria Woodruff, John Keyes, Marilyse Figueroa and Michelle Avery.
2021 Honorees – ART
Allie Routh, Blue Change, Honorable Mention, Mixed Media
Amanda Bell Reflection of Home, Gold Key, Photography
Light in the Foliage, Honorable Mention, Photography
The Road Home, Honorable Mention, Photography
Annie Ehrlich, Peeking, Silver Key, Photography
Anouk Martin-Gachot, Somewhere There's a Feather, Honorable Mention, Ceramics and Glass
Crisis of Confidence, Gold Key, Mixed Media
Paratha Ride, Silver Key, Mixed Media
Life in the Eyes of an Observer, Silver Key, Art Portfolio
Six Days Apart, Honorable Mention, Expanded Projects
Boys Overheard, Honorable Mention, Film and Animation
If I Were Sal, Honorable Mention, Mixed Media
Gus Cosby, Metalepsis, Music Video, Honorable Mention, Film and Animation
Ava Sadasivan, AI-Generated Sea Creatures Utilizing Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks, Gold Key, Expanded Projects
Bella Salazar Harper, East MLK Affordable Housing Project in Austin, Silver Key, Architecture and Industrial Design
Industrialized Nature, Honorable Mention, Architecture and Industrial Design
The ‘Anything but Plain’ A-Frame, Honorable Mention, Architecture and Industrial Design
Carling McQuinn, Infrared, Silver Key, Drawing and Illustration
Cavan Bennigson, Vintage Class, Gold Key, Photography
Wheel to Wheel, Silver Key, Photography
Closeup, Silver Key, Photography
Virginia Visions, Honorable Mention, Photography
Chang Shi, loneliness, Gold Key, Photography
in the rain among the fog, Gold Key, Photography
a historic village in China, Gold Key, Photography
single, Gold Key, Photography
a second in the nature, Silver Key, Photography
natural life, Silver Key, Photography
lotus, Silver Key, Photography
Chelsea Xue, Ignite, Honorable Mention, Digital Art
To Diana, Honorable Mention, Digital Art
Chloe Legere, Lonesome Lion, Honorable Mention, Photography
Connor Dodd, Light Searching for the Water, Silver Key, Photography
A Glance into the Beauty of Change, Honorable Mention, Photography
Devon Bell, Confetti, Silver Key, Fashion
Eric Xie, Maiden Flight, Silver Key, Photography
A Distant Shine, Honorable Mention, Drawing and Illustration
Fer Hurtado, The Stance, Silver Key, Expanded Projects
Georgia Lee, Dark Figures, Honorable Mention, Photography
Sunshine Stained, Honorable Mention, Photography
Jack Gormin, A Passerby, Gold Key, Photography
Familial Ties, Gold Key, Photography
Downtown on a Wednesday, Silver Key, Photography
Rebel Rebel, Silver Key, Photography
Seaward Wind, Silver Key, Photography
From the View of an Onlooker, Honorable Mention, Photography
Brewing, Honorable Mention, Photography
Jacob McDaniel, Midas, Honorable Mention, Ceramics and Glass
Jaden Alvarez, Haida Heads, Honorable Mention, Ceramics and Glass
Jasmine Li, The Bandwagon Effect, Silver Key, Editorial Cartoon
Jason Layton, Jack Action 2, Silver Key, Film and Animation
Kayla Patel, Reflections Are Not What They Seem, Silver Key, Photography
Perspective, Silver Key, Photography
Shadows, Honorable Mention, Photography
Kristin Svahn, The Light from Within, Honorable Mention, Photography
Lockdown, Honorable Mention, Photography
Laila Metni, Raindance, Silver Key, Design
Pop Art, Honorable Mention, Art Portfolio
Lara Tanner, people doing things that people do, Gold Key, Mixed Media
Penelope Cano, Semper Fidelis, Silver Key, Digital Art
Ray Swartz, Family Portrait, Silver Key, Photography
Portrait in Clownery, Honorable Mention, Photography
Sarah Courtney, Stars and STRIPES, Honorable Mention, Photography
Writing On the Wall, Honorable Mention, Photography
Tony Shan, Harbour, Gold Key, Photography
En Route, Gold Key, Photography
Submerge in Darkness, Gold Key, Photography
Metropolis, Gold Key, Photography
Tension, Gold Key, Photography
Dimension, Gold Key, Photography
Passing by Pass, Silver Key, Photography
Crossing with Pursuit, Silver Key, Photography
Boundaries, Silver Key, Photography
Exuberance/Warmth, Honorable Mention, Photography
Approaching Within Sparkle, Honorable Mention, Photography
Mirage? Esteem, Honorable Mention, Photography
Sofia Messer, Feed Me, Silver Key, Ceramics and Glass
Sophia Fan, Time, Gold Key Photography
The Last Leaf, Silver Key, Photography
Watson Tao, Side Glance, Silver Key, Drawing and Illustration
A Day Out, Honorable Mention, Drawing and Illustration
Wen Wen, Morning, Honorable Mention, Photography
Selina Lu, Frozen, Silver Key, Drawing and Illustration
Candy Transplant, Silver Key, Painting
Feast, Honorable Mention, Mixed Media
Zoe Ehrlich, "A Christmas Carol: A Radio Play" Poster Design, Gold Key, Design
Fall Confetti, Honorable Mention, Photography
Sun Shower Flower, Honorable Mention, Photography
Striking Up a New Year, Honorable Mention, Photography
To Grandmother's House We Go, Honorable Mention, Photography
2021 Honorees – WRITING
Middle School
Lizzie Ahlgren, Honorable Mention, Personal Essay and Memoir
Basil Baldwin, Honorable Mention, Personal Essay and Memoir
Rebecca Cole, Gold Key, Poetry
Annie Ehrlich, Honorable Mention, Personal Essay and Memoir
Steely Horne-Lalande, Honorable Mention, Poetry
Honorable Mention, Personal Essay a Memoir
Tristan McCain, Silver Key, Personal Essay and Memoir
Charlie Navarre, Gold Key, Personal Essay and Memoir

Upper School
Christopher Aung, Silver Key, Science Fiction and Fantasy
Honorable Mention, Short Story
Honorable Mention, Short Story
Henri Bariselle, Silver Key, Poetry
Devon Bell, Silver Key, Poetry
Honorable Mention, Poetry
Honorable Mention, Poetry
Honorable Mention, Short Story
Zoe Ehrlich, Gold Key, Poetry
Matthew Kim, Silver Key, Personal Essay and Memoir
Honorable Mention, Poetry
Natalie Kim, Honorable Mention, Critical Essay
Linda Liu, Silver Key, Short Story
Grace Mugo, Gold Key, Poetry,
Silver Key, Poetry
Silver Key, Poetry
Honorable Mention, Poetry
Sloan Witliff, Gold Key, Dramatic Script
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