EGGciting Physics Project

Students studying physics with Danielle Horton and Will Wofford recently tested their knowledge by building and launching egg rockets! The egg rocket project was a capstone for their students, who utilized an array of concepts covered throughout fall term, including Newton's laws of motion, collisions, energy, work and power, momentum, and impulse.

"Water bottle rockets work by using a 2-liter bottle filled with water and pressurized air pumped into it during the launch," Horton explained. "The payload — a raw egg — is attached to the top of the pressurized bottle."

Once the pressurized bottles were set to 80 psi, the rockets were test launched on an athletic field. The students' goal was to blast the payload into the air for as long as possible and for the egg not to break on landing. 

"Students were graded on both the length of time the rocket stayed aloft and the survival of the egg payload," Horton added. "Some rockets went more than 180 feet into the air! It is always an eggciting class project!"

Check out the egg rockets in action:

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