EPIC Teammate of the Week: Katie Horton, 6th Grade

Middle School Athletics at St. Stephen’s is all about growing as an athlete, supporting teammates and learning to compete as a Spartan, so Middle School Athletic Director Kathy Coe is excited to announce weekly recognition of Middle School athletes who are doing just that. 

The EPIC Teammate of the Week will honor a student who is nominated by their peers for demonstrating first-hand the four pillars in the Middle School Athletic Creed: Excellence, Pride, Integrity and Commitment (EPIC). 

Coach Coe is thrilled to honor some of our most deserving Middle School athletes. “EPIC represents values and traits meaningful to the school’s coaching staff, and we want to celebrate young athletes who show us every day what it means to play with true Spartan spirit!” Coe said.

This week 6th-grade swimmer Katie Horton was selected by her peers as the EPIC Teammate of the Week. “This is Horton’s first year to compete on a swim team, and she has brought positivity, enthusiasm and strong effort to practices, day-in and day-out,” Coe noted. 

Swim Coach Kerry Patterson offered her thoughts on why Horton’s teammates nominated her. “Katie pushes through when the workouts are tough,” Patterson said. “She doesn’t give up, physically or mentally. 

“Perhaps more importantly, Katie is sweet, kind and always smiling,” Patterson continued. “She has a gentle nature and is full of integrity — and never tries to shortcut a lap or drill!”

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